Discover what type of adventurer you are and start your journey in Košice with the Košice Children’s Pass (quiz)

Parents, are you looking for innovative ways to entertain your children during holidays or trips around Slovakia? Solve the following quiz with the Košice Children’s Pass and discover what type of adventurer your little explorer is. In the quiz’s final solution, you’ll find answers and tips for activities that shouldn’t be missed during your next visit to Košice!

Which of the following hobbies will entertain you the most?

  1. Exploring the stories of historical figures (⏳)
  2. Visiting botanical gardens (🍃)
  3. Creating artworks (🎨)
  4. Uncovering physical phenomena (🔬)

Ideally, you would spend your day:

  1. in an art gallery (🎨)
  2. in a laboratory (🔬)
  3. in the forest (🍃)
  4. in a museum (⏳)

If you could, you would prefer to chat over lunch with:

  1. with Albert Einstein (🔬)
  2. with Leonardo Da Vinci (🎨)
  3. with Charles Darwin (🍃)
  4. with Ernest Hemingway (⏳)

In the future, you see yourself as an inventor:

  1. of practical trail markings for hiking trails (🍃)
  2. of a solar-powered system for buses (🔬)
  3. of a new artistic style (🎨)
  4. of new archaeological tools (⏳)

Which of these books would you be most excited about?

  1. a handbook for scouts (🍃)
  2. a coloring book (🎨)
  3. a journey to ancient times (⏳)
  4. a big book of experiments (🔬)

Congratulations! Count how many of each symbol (emoji) you collected the most in your answers to find out what type of adventurer you are.

  • Adventurer Historian (mostly ⏳)

It seems like you’re most interested in history and ancient stories, right? Explore local history at the East Slovak Museum, Rodošto, or Mikluš Prison, and learn more about people and events that have shaped our city!

  • Adventurer Tourist (mostly 🍃)

You enjoy sports and feel most at home in forests and meadows? Explore the corners of Čermeľ Valley on the Children’s Historical Railway, head to the epicenter of fun at Alpinka Košice, or bounce to your heart’s content at Steam Factory!

  • Adventurer Artist (mostly 🎨)

You can spend hours looking at artworks, and cultural hubs are a dream of your travels? Visit unique urban institutions such as the East Slovak Gallery, the Vojtech Löffler Museum, or Úsmev the Cinema, and learn something new about the artistic side of Košice!

  • Adventurer Scientist (mostly 🔬)

Physics, chemistry, and the unseen forces around us motivate you to uncover more from the scientific world? Get ready for a wealth of new knowledge at the Slovak Technical Museum, on the floors of Steelpark – Science Park, or at the Aviation Museum. Explore science in Košice in a fun and engaging way!

  • Curiosity Seeker (5 different symbols)

You’ve provided varied answers and none predominates? No problem! It means you’re interested in possibly every area—we love adventurers like you! Grab your Košice Children’s Pass and embark on a trip to Archeoskanzen in Nižná Myšľa, the Planetarium, a workshop at the East Slovak Gallery, bobsleigh, or explore the Memorial Exhibition of Sándor Márai to uncover the untold stories of Košice!

The Košice Children’s Pass is an illustrated guidebook to the city of Košice, offering families with children ways to explore the city in depth and have fun at 29 attractive locations scattered around it. Pick up your own copy at Hlavna 59 in Košice during your next visit!

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